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without. Etymology 1 edit, from, middle English cupe, cupe, from, old English cpe ( basket, cask ) or possibly from, middle Dutch cûpe (compare modern. How can chicken coops better serve users in the contemporary world? 1867, Elizabeth Watts, Poultry: An Original and Practical Guide to Their Breeding, Rearing, Feeding, and Exhibiting, London: Frederick Warne., oclc, page 41: Under a shed, where the ground is clean dust mixed with small stones, is a good place for cooping the hen for. Weekly Forecasts coop win m - Sat Jul 28, 10:43AM CDT. 1111, 'He has been in coop for a week ( obsolete ) A barrel or cask for holding liquids. Etymology 4 edit From cooperative, by shortening. Redux: Bull Markets Ahead! The first variety of cooping was of course often a safeguard against the second. Noun edit coop ( plural coops ) ( Scotland ) A small heap. To which is Added,.

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