Audi a5 multitronic

removing the drama of rapidly changing gears; the A6 1st gear is imho just too short. Please try again later. I didnt find this out until I had done almost 2k miles after getting the car, but there are two way to generate rapid acceleration (again relative!) in D mode; one is to just step on the gas till the pedal hits the carpet and. In a sense similar to selecting a higher gear in. The hydraulic multi-plate clutch achieves better ride comfort and agility thanks to its electronic control. Continued usage of this website means that you are in agreement with the. We have updated our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. The link-plate chain, consisting of over 1,000 link plates and 75 pairs of pins, can transmit torques of up to 330 newton metres. It also helps to reduce fuel consumption. Whilst slowing down (gas off) from about 40mph the revs drop off and remain around. Originally, my forum search was due to my inquisitiveness of how Multitronic works. Engine revs rise at a constant steady rate with no fluctuations up to required driving speed and at c60mph typically remain 2k/rpm. Not sure though if this is to do with the Multi box, the cabs aerodynamics, wider tyres or probably a combination of all. Watch Queue, queue _count total loading. Pushing the faces of the two conical pulleys closer together or moving them further apart causes the link-plate chain to run further towards the inside or outside of the pairs of conical pulleys. By quickly pressing and releasing the throttle the revs rise with the speed remaining constant,.e. Following some recent posts re Multitronic transmission, I thought I'd bump this post as it has some good info re the comparison between Multitronic v Tiptronic and add my comments re the 'Multi'. Virtually no engine braking to speak of which did catch me out a few times during the first couple of hundred miles. This produces continuous adjustment of the gear ratio to achieve the optimum in every driving situation. All the control parameters from the driver, engine and vehicle are registered by the electronic-hydraulic control unit in the gearbox housing. Dont see the point of /- gear selector when paddles are provided. Under medium acceleration (half throttle) revs rise quickly and remain in the.5k region providing surprisingly quick acceleration (S5 guys - all things are relative LoL).

bensberg The dynamic gear control program DCP thus recognises from the position and movement of the accelerator whether the driver is adopting a sporty or a fuelsaving style of driving. These form the variator, manual Tiptronic mode Flappy paddles or gear selector BTW 500rpm when accelerating rapidly foot to floor with the maximum torque. S already been said above, multitronic gearbox is sliding on first gear but not on reverse.

The multitronic is a continuously variable transmission.It combines the dynamics and economy of a manual gearbox with the convenience of automatic transmission.The capitalization used is multitronic (spelled by, audi with a lower-case leading m ).

Audi a5 multitronic: Gutschein layout

Very surprised and really enjoy the flexibility Multi provides depending on the driving budni gewinnspiel vespa style of the day and even more so when compared to kaifu sauna the. You currently have no vehicles on your wishlist. If the driver applies the brakes when waiting at traffic lights. A powertransmitting steel linkplate chain tension chain runs in an oil bath between two pairs of variable conical pulleys. Positives, fuel consumption, an alternative approach useful when preparing to overtake is to prep the revs whilst remaining at your existing speed. Averaging 38mpg since new so not making the Aud" It combines the dynamics and economy of a manual gearbox with the convenience of automatic transmission. E Would I go back to a manual. Anyway, especially in built up traffic, as with the tiptronic transmission. I suspect the techies will no doubt prove me wrong on this though.

This problem appears after the gearbox control unit change.BTW this does take a bit of getting used.