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heads of government Willi Stoph and Willy Brandt met in Erfurt, the first such meeting since the division of Germany. Geography and demographics edit Gera river in the city centre Topography edit Erfurt is situated in the south of the Thuringian basin, a fertile agricultural area between the Harz mountains 80 km (50 mi) to the north and the Thuringian forest 30 km (19 mi) to the southwest. The Michaelisstraße (Michael's Street) is known as "the lithic chronicle of Erfurt because of its mostly medieval buildings. Nevertheless, some 14,000 households with 24,500 persons (12 of population) are dependent upon state social benefits ( Hartz IV ). 57 In 1947 the land which the Great Synagogue had occupied was returned to the Jewish community and they built their current place of worship, the Neue Synagoge (New Synagogue) which opened in 1952. Building engines, the production of food (i.e. Erfurt - City of Horticulture, erfurt enjoys a wide reputation as a city of flowers and horticulture. 23 The Peterskirche suffered under the French occupation, with its inventory being auctioned off to other local churches including the organ, bells and even the tower of the Corpus Christi chapel ( Fronleichnamskapelle ) and the former monastery's library being donated to the University. In 1507 he was ordained as a priest in Erfurt Cathedral. In Hardy Eidam; Marina Moritz; Gerd-Rainer Riedel; Kai-Uwe Schierz. By light rail and bus edit Light rail tram near Anger square The Erfurt public transport system is marked by the area-wide Erfurt Stadtbahn ( light rail ) network, established as a tram system in 1883, upgraded to a light rail ( Stadtbahn ) system. the Baroque composer Johann Pachelbel (1653-1706) and the sociologist Max Weber (1864-1920). The former runs along the Gera river valley from the Thuringian forest to the river Unstrut ; the latter follows the medieval Via Regia from Eisenach to Altenburg via Gotha, Erfurt, Weimar, and Jena. Spielzeitausklang auf dem Theaterplatz,./15. The Elektromuseum (Museum of Electrical Engineering) shows the history of electric engines, which have featured prominently in Erfurt's economy. "Updated world map of the KöppenGeiger climate classification". It was used until 1349 when the Jewish community was destroyed in a pogrom known as the Erfurt Massacre. The Museum für Thüringer Volkskunde (Museum of Folk Art and Cultural Anthropology) looks at the ordinary life of people in Thuringia in the past and shows exhibits of peasant and artisan traditions. It is linked to the central train station via Stadtbahn (tram). Like other eastern German cities, foreigners account only for a small share of Erfurt's population: circa.0 are non-Germans by citizenship and overall.9 are migrants (according to the 2011 EU census ). Around 1100, some people became free citizens by paying the annual " Freizins " (liberation tax which marks a first step in becoming an independent city. There is also growing of fruits (like apples, strawberries and sweet cherries vegetables (e.g. The Alte Synagoge ( Old Synagogue ) is one of the oldest synagogue buildings in Europe. Erfurt then became the capital of a new " Bezirk " (district). It is the Episcopal see and one of the main sights of Erfurt. Stanton, Shelby, World War II Order of Battle: An Encyclopedic Reference.S. On its northern side is the main post office, built in 1886 in neo-gothic style with its prominent clock tower. The Jewish Community consists of 500 members. In the Middle Ages numerous small enterprises using the power of water mills occupied the area, hence the name "Mühlenviertel with street names such as Waidmühlenweg (woad, or indigo, mill way Storchmühlenweg (stork mill way) and Papiermühlenweg (paper mill way). Gründerzeit tenements in Johannesvorstadt district Cubistic fountain in a Bauhaus housing complex Art Deco Luther's Church Entrance of the Thuringian parliament Lobby of the university main building GDR architecture in Johannesplatz district Inner yard of the Federal Labour Court Economy and infrastructure edit During ray recent. After 1906 the composer Richard Wetz ( ) lived in Erfurt and became the leading person in the town's musical life.

Musical erfurt

Founded in musical erfurt 1379 14 and closed in 1816. Citation needed However, which fell to 200 66 Politics edit Mayor and city council edit The first freely elected mayor after German reunification was Manfred Ruge. Humanities and teacher training, it was the only synagogue building erected under communist rule in East Germany. Erfurt Stadtverwaltung Erfurt city administration, the bad economic situation in eastern Germany after the reunification resulted in a decline in population. CDU in office from 1990 to 2006 followed by Andreas Bausewein. The International University of Applied Sciences Bad Honnef Bonn iubh. Unter dem Motto" it is therefore about 30 km 19 mi longer than the hiking trail. Und trotzdem kämpft sie für ihre Freiheit. It has been tentatively listed but a final decision has not yet been made 000 in 2002 before rising again to 206.

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Thuringian Basin, within the wide valley of the.55 As religious freedom was granted in the 19th century, some Jews returned to Erfurt.Internationales Tanztheater Festival Erfurt, das Theater Erfurt ist vom.