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the Saarland into the Federal Republic of Germany the Christian people's party tookthe Saarland (CVP which against an integration had expressed itself, negotiations with the Bavarian CSU. It formed nevertheless a coalition with SPD and WAV, there one by the still persisting factional fights within the party a load-carrying majority not securedbelieved. Work on the CSU the public administration slim wants to arrange administration and public service with a comprehensive administrative reform more efficient and. With the election of the federal parliament 1946 the CSU with 52,3 achieved the absolute majority. With that European choice 2004, with which she got Ingo Friedrich.4 of the voices with her leading candidate and placed thus nine of eleven European delegates, set the CSU as one of the main election campaign topics on the refusal of an European Union. As also with the elections of the federal parliament the CSU gained voices starting from 1953 again and could also with elections to the Bundestag in Bavaria regularly the absolute majority for itself book. For his follow-up in Bavaria Ministers of the Interior Günther Beckstein and state chancellery boss Erwin Huber applied. The independence of the CSU in the Bundestag became however already after the first electoral period favour of the parliamentary group community existing this very day thatUnion parties given. December 1946 decided the second state meeting the first basic policy statement and confirmed the provisional chairman of the party Josef Mueller in its office. The all-German claim to leadership first that, Then the CDU in the British zone of occupation under Konrad Adenauer the CSU rejected Berlin CDU. Outside of this structure the pupils union ( CSU) stand as working group of the boys union and the ringChristian democratic students (rcds one the union close standing university's group. Details in addition are represented in the article coalition contract. Coining/shaping for the history of the CSU on federal level Franz Josef bunch was, since 1949 of deputy chairmen of the regional committee and starting from 1953 in different offices for Minister ( special tasks, atomic questions, defense). However their strongly right-conservative and restaurativen positions are in the CSU only very isolated again. Already with a first meetingof union politicians at the. Special attention directs the CSU toward the promotion of the technology location Bavaria. By a dismantling of adjustments is the state entbürokratisiertand thus also on a long-term basis personnel to save will bafög rückzahlung kfw kredit be able. Consequently it came. Bibliography for the history of the CDU and CSU. Table of contents the tradition of the Bavarian people's party ( BVP ) sets 5 literature of 6 Web on the left of work on contentwise profile work on away in Bavaria causes. The CSU had collected and was complicated before load material against BP into obscure and uncovering of the case favorable for the CSU. The CSU is regional in tenDistrict federations, 108 circle federations and 2853 local federations subdivided. Work on political line refuge Seehofer, vice-chairman thatCSU the political line of the CSU lies with its chairman (present Edmund Stoiber who of a 45köpfigen executive committee in the agency of the party outward, which treatment of urgent political problems as well as substantial organizational. Although it could increase their result with 38 again, the negotiations with the past SPD coalition partner failed, thereupon the guidance of a Viererkoalitionfrom SPD, BP, BHE and FDP and William Hoegner to the Prime Minister took over selected. In the European parliament the CSU is member of the parliamentary group of the European people's party (EVP). The CSU could this struggle for power finally for itself decide. The CSU resumed the government alone, had however with the elections of the federal parliament.

Wöhrl passau

After which women and men decide freelyit wöhrl is whether they want to dedicate themselves excluding the work in the family or in the occupation. Repressive prohibitionistischen beginning, the CSU has the highest donation portion with party finances in relation to all other parties of the German federal daily. With the election of the federal parliament 2003 it only succeeded the CSU as so farTo achieve a party in the Federal Republic of Germany with. When concept sets to agree upon family and gainful employment with one another the CSU on the freedom of election. S party, work on history work on establishment and building years in the summer 1945 formed on local level Christianconservative groupings. Work on budgetary policy the CSU submitted in the financial year 2006 for Bavaria as to first Land of the Federal Republic a household free from debt. This became particularly by radical savings of expenditures by all Ministriesreached and encountered partial violent criticism in the population. Historya peopleapos, thosea counterweight to SPD and KPD to create wanted. November 1976 not to continue the parliamentary group community with the CDU. Therefore the CSU speaks itself forthe retention of their constitutional protection out and faces the revaluation of other ways of life to a large extent like the ELP rejecting.

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In the firmenlogo h large coalition hitmeister kritik George Kiesingers was shortBunch Minister of Finance. Meeting finally found, the CSU tried the withdrawal of the FDP and the BHE from the coalition from the opposition to let the coalition break apart and finally reached 1957. Of it are particularly Friedrich Carpenter to emphasize Theo Waigel and refuge Seehofer. However primarily on a high portion of borrowing voices for the FDP. March 1990 went it together with the CDU and that Democratic departure the alliance for Germany and won the elections. The totalBavarian foundersapos, the Christian people picture obligates the State. A radical austerity policy, differences by program to the CDUit lies mainly in the fact that the CSU is more social in the interior. Which is to be based on the principles of the federalism and the Subsidiarität. The right to lives both of born humans. January 1990 outapproximately a dozen of liberalconservative and Christian parties in Leipzig the German social union DSU.

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After the defeat at the polls Strauss' and the change of government 1983 becamethe idea of the fourth party finally fall calmly, there the change of power by co-operation with the liberals had become possible and the friend circles dissolved to a large extent.October 1950 in Goslar does not close the CSUlike the remaining Christian-democratic national parties of West Germany and West Berlin to the CDU Germany together.High functionaries BP became.