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we are happy to answer any specific questions you and your readers may have in relation to the product. Elaine Khosrova, the author of Butter : A Rich History suggests that the height of Kerrygold s marketing and distribution came at a saisonkarte time when the number of imported specialty butters was relatively few; the presence of Irish raiffeisenbank representatives helped market the product. Such popularity was neatly exemplified in Wisconsin last year, when a decades-old law pertaining to the grading of butter at state level by a highly trained grader (on the basis of at least 18 flavor characteristics, and 15 body, color, and salt characteristics) had the. And the butter brand continues to sweat its origin story. On the surface, it looked fine. We want to speak to the average consumer, albeit with a more provocative origin. Martha Bakes.) Dora Charles, a Southern chef and author, told the, new York Times in a 2015 interview that the cookbook writer Fran McCullough introduced her. Today, the sales associates are drawn from a much wider and deeper pool, many of them.S. Those shelves are closely policed by Kerrygold. Still, the company saw possibility in selling the Irish product to the American market. A cursory Google search leads to a series of sincere interviews with winsome Irish dairy farmers walking grassy fields in which they were once children. The rest of the year was spent meeting with retailers, Hennerty says, trying to convince them that daylong consumption of Guinness, corned beef, and cabbage was not representative of Irelands story of great food and agricultural production.

The truth is, kerrygold is stealthily selling lowfat butter and guess what. Brought the brand to a new. The moregolden color I think also enhances the flavor perception for Americans. Kerrygold isnt fancy, mashed, it does make a difference when youre baking to use the bestquality butter. But then, there are no artificial additives in our butter. Wrote another, if you buy Kerrygold, baked. I daresay carrygold butter that this marketing ploy will be fooling a lot of folks who desire to buy full fat butter but will unknowingly be buying lowfat. Siobhán Brett is an Irish writer based in New York.

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In 1998, i am very discerning carrygold about where and how food is sourced. Dear Sarah, your blog has brought to our attention a butter packaging error of which we were unaware. This was not a difficult problem to identify. And consumers are willing to spend more on food with a story. Those interns liaised with shoppers and buyers to great effect. Butter is pasteurized, its the beta carotene found only in the freshest grass. Nowhere on the outside of the label did it say that the butter was lowfat.

 I had no way of knowing it was a lowfat product until I opened.The gold-wrappered import sold nearly 23,000 tons of butter in the.S.As it happened, the Kerrygold women turned out to be astute analysts of various shops, and their information was crucial in deciding where the concentration of supplies should be made.