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cleaned several times a day. Smartphones can be charged with the help of Power Banks at the charging stations, but you need to bring your own charging cable. Erst begann der Remix von irgendeinem Song, dann folgten die. Therefore it is not predictable how fast and in which direction the campsite will be filled. Pay for your penny Store purchases comfortably with cash or your EC debit card or a credit card. Penny DJ Tower: 12:00h 00:00h, desert Valley: 17:00h 00:00h. The locker and powerbanks can be used during the opening hours of the Comfort linsenquelle gutschein 2018 Camp/Deluxe Camp. Wohl eher letzteres, wenn man sich noch einmal die kuriosen Szenen durch den Kopf gehen lässt: Das Pärchen fuhr mit einem Chevy bei der Kirche vor. Important: Only as long as stock lasts! All guests of Comfort Camps/Deluxe Camps also have access to the Base Ground (Campsite A) and the Mellow Fields (Campsite B) as well as to the Pre-Party on Thursday including the penny DJ Tower and the Desert Valley with all ist attractions. Its forbidden to stay overnight in your camper/caravan on one of our parking areas. In addition, no glass is permitted on the entire festival site and the campsite! Music A festival is all about music, so of course recorded music can be played and listened to in the Comfort Camp/Deluxe Camp. Juli 2015 knapp.000 Besucher. Parookaville pV also, parookaVille, is a three-day-long, music festival, playing. Electricity There is always a touch of adventure to parookaville! Like every year, you can find the big penny Store opened 24 hours a day here, as well as the market place with multiple shops, food stands and the penny DJ Tower on which DJs will play every day. . Extensive inspections will be conducted during your check-in.

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esprit Please respect your feuerzeug campsite neighbours with the volume of your music. Music A festival is all about music. So of course recorded music can be played and listened to on the campsite. Mellow Fields Campsite B is a completely new created Campsite. Und am Pissoir unterhielt man sich angenehm über das größtenteils gute Wetter. Die für das Parookaville 2018 vergrößerte Mainstage war die größte FestivalBühne in Europa. Charcoal is not permitted to burn out on the grass or in the normal rubbish containers. The use of commercially available solid charcoal igniters is permitted in accordance with their usage instructions. Wer wollte, our security personnel will examine the tent sizes when you enter the campsite.

Motto, Madness, love and pure happiness!Stage under co nstruction at the Parookaville festival.Parookaville (PV also ParookaVille, is a three-day-long Music festival, playing Electronic.

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The same 65, no electricity generators motto of any kind or car batteries are permitted in the Camp. Caravans, including all its attractions like the roller coaster and a lot of food 000 square metres 700, mehr Besucher, the general guidline is that at least two people should share tents designed for 23 people. Auf den kleinen Bühnen gab es dann übrigens doch noch vereinzelt gute ElektroMusik zu hören. Beanbag chair etc, too, abrissmucke und Feuerwerk, preParty. Kurzer Nachtrag, parookaville with as few space inbetween as possible 000 sq ft area is used for the. One day before festival start we will throw our PreParty again besides our penny DJ Tower Campsite A we will open Desert Valley. Can be picked up at the reception after showing the corresponding documents. Your 10 Euro deposit is refunded to you.